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The Family Foot Care Center started in Commerce, Georgia in April of the year 2000. Our mission was simple and straight forward: To provide high quality foot care to the people of North East Georgia keeping them from having to travel to larger cities to receive such specialized care.

One of the things we are most proud of here at The Family Foot Care Center is that our mission is being accomplished daily! Since the year 2000 we have now grown to 5 locations throughout North East Georgia. With multiple doctors and a staff of over 25 employees we are able to work miracles every day. We treat everything from thickened difficult to trim toenails to severe foot deformities requiring reconstructive surgery.

If you are suffering from foot pain or an ingrown toenail or would just like to have your foot health evaluated chances are there’s a location just down the road from you ready to provide you or your family member high quality palliative, medical, or surgical foot care right now!


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